Impromptu Jam Sessions for Creativity & Connections

By jason on 12/20/2017

With all of the travel that we've been doing, we're fortunate enough to see and gain inspiration from a variety of experiences.

One of my favorites of this year was 2 musicians who just love playing.  While we attended SXSW in Austin, we saw each of the musicians (one a guitarist, one a drummer) playing on their own.  

At some point, they joined up and held an impromptu jam session - which was just awesome.  Truly great collaboration that excited the crowd and captivated their attention.

I took a short clip which you can see here - however it does not do the moment justice.  

When people come together and join forces in pursuits of common interest - they are better for it, and the world is better off as a result.

SXSW is a truly amazing event that we love to attend every year. 

While building mobile apps, websites, running marketing campaigns don't necessarily have a lot to do with impromptu jam sessions, the connections people have and the collaborations they pursue from their heart and passions are what it is all about.

One thing is for sure, impromptu jam sessions can bring people together, inspire, and entertain.

Impromptu jam session