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By jason on 08/06/2013 is a proud web design, development & SEO achievement of a collaborative endeavor. The client supplied the vision, the business expertise, and an active role in directing the project; Yellowbox Studio provided the initial design concept, and Nerdy Dragon delivered on the implementation.

The site represents a variety of complexities and capabilities. If you know about auctions and software development, you might appreciate the work that's gone into this project.

After 3 months of sustained commitment, the project has resulted in one of our more impressive portfolio. Maybe an auction site doesn't sound so can find some good software for doing a lot of the auction process.

Bidding - including an auto-bid feature to find the lowest amount to bid possible to become a high bidder. Listing - easy selection of categories, upload of images, classification of items, even upload video Auction Features - bold, highlight, homepage featured, category featured
Billing - Script to calculate the monthly amount due based on user type and the auctions run during the month User Portal - buyer and seller tools, track status of payment, shipping, FFL, and more. Manage bids, auctions, and more Search - Advanced search by keyword, user, category, and more.
Homepage Marquee - dynamic, random display of homepage featured items with auto-cycle Auto-relist feature - automatically relist unsold items
Custom e-commerce - charge $1 to verify during membership, track/bill monthly Browse by category
Image optimization - complex, large image files reduced to small sizes using advanced techniques
SEO friendly to the core - page titles, url's, img alt attributes, titles, and more
Cloud hosted - Amazon EC2 for the website, S3 for the videos & large images - elastic IP and scalable at reasonable cost
Social - all auctions announced via twitter using
Customizable - easy to make enhancements, adjustments
Maintainable - easy for non-technical person to manage the site
Fast - advanced caching, clean code, minifyed css & js - attention paid to fast loading and nice looking site
Images auto-scaled for easy management using image cacheing

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