Drupal Boise - The most powerful content management platform for designers and developers is Drupal.

Content Management Systems (CMS) come in many varieties. There's the PHP/MySQL kind, the Perl, Java, and other kinds, the hosted, the custom home grown, and there's Drupal. Web development requires flexibility and powerful systems, this is where Drupal delivers.

Drupal is based on PHP/MySQL, is open source, developer friendly, designer friendly, customizable, powerful, and has a tremendous community behind it. There's DrupalCon there's the Boise Drupal User Group, and there's a variety of companies and freelancers that promote and use Drupal.

For many developers, it's the right mix between simple usability and development, and powerful customization. There are some standard modules, which are very reliable, which combine to deliver the value of a multi-million dollar content management platform at no cost.

There's distributions of Drupal, which provide more powerful modules than the standard Drupal, and even distributions that are for specific purposes; such as pressflow.

When support is a critical factor, there's many great Drupal companies to choose from. The company run by the Founder of Drupal, Dries Buytaert, is Acquia.

Acquia provides a commercial Drupal distribution, as well as other valuable add-ons.

A strong community has developed great code and documentation that is peer reviewed and utilizes best practices. As a developer, it's far easier to find help with Drupal development than it is for most other platforms.

Drupal requires a bit of a learning curve to take full advantage, however it's not difficult, and is remarkably easy to use and benefit from.

Drupal Boise is a strong community dedicated to learning, sharing, promoting, and developing the Drupal platform.

Contact us if you'd like to talk more Drupal, we're pretty good with it.