How to start a business - Nerdy Dragon style

Ok, so this isn't the best way to start/run a business, however we've compiled a list of some of the key factors involved in our success:

  1. Work for an employer that gets a few months behind on payroll, right before you start your company
  2. Open in a city where you don't know many people
  3. Venture into a business that you don't yet have a portfolio in
  4. Select a business with low overhead - and lots of competition

mon and tues of craziness, love the challenges presented by solid growth

when you're busy, and you're meeting with the bigs, then you've got a double edged sword of customer relations. On one hand, you have to be totally accessible to everyone, and on the other, you have to be solely focused on the time and attention you pay to your current commitments.

We've had an amazing week. It's hard to believe the good fortunes and opportunities that we're a part of. Not to bore you, but here goes a quick recap of the start of this week:


some dynamics behind a solid venture agreement conversation #startup #entrepreneurship #software

Had some fun meeting with a company, who started as a client, and have evolved into a more collaborative and entrepreneurial venture.

The notes I took from the conversation that led us to an agreement in principle, are what you see. We love this stuff.

The product is a communications app, involving the cloud and pure awesomeness.

Stay tuned.


do you git it?! #boise #community #collaboration #startups #byp #ecommerce

jon: ok looking at the git stuff
me: gonna git this git going
jon: we'll git er done
me: git yeah

Not a bad evening conversation. Truth is, Jon and I are working on a pretty sweet project that just so happens to have been cultivated by an introduction made via the Boise Young Professionals organization, as well as a $40 million dollar startup failure (which also included a failed Haiti Mission/Kidnapping/Prison/NBC Universal/HP/the mysterious JM, Mel Gibson movie investor waiting on a transaction to close so we can make payroll venture).

True Story.

Bringing it back - a failed #startupweekend venture, with many happy returns on investment

It's been about a year and a half since we pitched and pursued a venture at startup weekend, here in Boise.  Our idea, was a social media content system; enabling people to better utilize social media for promotion.


memberships for entrepreneurial organizations, and access to entrepreneurial resources should be free for early stage companies

Just completed a survey from an entrepreneurial organization, asking about how much I'd pay for office space and access to business advisors and resources. (Thanks @entrep_thinking)

At first, I moved through it quickly, answering the "Do you have an idea?" "...A business plan?"  "Would you use...office space, copier, internet, consultants [marketing, technical,etc]"

Then I got to "How much would you pay?"

I thought...

The Talent Cloud - An Internet Entrepreneur's Success Story

A friend of mine went to college in the UK. Around 2000, when he returned home, he started his own company providing web hosting. He found web hosting offshore was less expensive than hosting locally; so he went door to door selling the service. The market was tough, however, he leveraged the Internet for marketing and communications. The hosting lead to web development projects and more; today, he's running a company with over 450 employees, operating on 3 continents.


same same but different - better together

I had the good fortune of meeting with two of the best and brightest in Boise today. During the meeting, a quote was thrown out by Tara Russell of Create Common Good - "same same but different".

Like a lot of what was said, I was compelled to write it down and digest it.

#devidaho Development meets Business with Opportunity keeping score

Develop Idaho was a great event! There's a lot of excitement around entrepreneurship, technology, relationships, and doing business in Idaho. The Idaho Technology Council put on a great event today, connecting talent with opportunity, and trying-to's to the have-done's.

Engineering with business minds, marketing with development, type a's and type b's, x's and o's. Ecosystems are about connecting people, and events like Develop Idaho help to do exactly that.

It was an excellent venue to identify, engage, and promote Idaho business and entrepreneurship.

Here's our A List:

Web, Mobile & Social software for start-ups and new ventures

Things move...fast. As facebook and smart mobile devices continue their march towards ubiquity, opportunities arise.

For the most part, business is about people, time, and value. Now more than ever, you can reach more people, at more times, and have more opportunities to add value.

We're especially excited at Nerdy Dragon, as we have the opportunity to assist startups and businesses with new ventures. Software development is a facilitating role, and it's performance is integral to the success of the venture.

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