Web Design, Development, and Optimization when adoption takes hold

Sometimes the best ideas fall silently. Sometimes the best systems wither and fail. And sometimes, something you've done becomes a sensational success, generating wide adoption and introducing a host of new issues.

We're talking about scalability and availability. When what you have is what people want, the challenge becomes getting it to them quickly and when they want it.

Web Design for Content Rich Sites - Boise companies with lots of content need a different breed of web designer

"To each their own" - I read that this came from a 1946 movie and song...In any case, it's relevant.

Web Design has many contexts, and in this case, we're talking about web design around lots of content. Media sites, news sites, social sites, places where things change fast, content is regularly added, and a large database grows to contain lots of valuable content.

Web Design with conversion in mind - knowing your audience

To make money on your website, you're going to need to get someone to do something. Who are those people, what are you going to get them to do, and how are you going to get them to do it are good questions that we like to discuss with you.

We've recently picked up a project where our client has the rights to distribute a product in multiple markets around the world. The product is in demand, innovative, and provides an excellent opportunity for e-commerce and international business.

Web, Mobile & Social software for start-ups and new ventures

Things As facebook and smart mobile devices continue their march towards ubiquity, opportunities arise.

For the most part, business is about people, time, and value. Now more than ever, you can reach more people, at more times, and have more opportunities to add value.

We're especially excited at Nerdy Dragon, as we have the opportunity to assist startups and businesses with new ventures. Software development is a facilitating role, and it's performance is integral to the success of the venture.

Web Hosting - Why Nerdy Dragon?

Not only do we take pride in our nerdiness, we put it to good use. We keep up to date and use the latest in web development technology to provide you with everything you need to develop, host and market your website.

If you need it done, we can do it: Web Design, Web Hosting, Content Management, Email Hosting/Support, Software Development, Domain Administration, Search Engine Optimization and Search Marketing.

And on top of that, we provide quick and friendly customer support that can answer your questions.

Web Design Boise - Conversion oriented design and SEO integration

Web design is a broad topic these days. There's so much to design for, aesthetics, usability, messaging, calling to action, and flexibility for ongoing site content updates.

It's not as simple as creating an image and slicing it into website code. The groundwork must be done to ensure that the design achieved meets the business objectives and user expectations. The real issue, is conversion.

How can you design your site so that it converts more leads into customers?

Boise SEO seekers should check out the search engine optimization starter guide from Google

We've been discussing search engine optimization tips, ideas, best practices, general methods, and some strategy for awhile, hoping to get the best seo knowledge available to those who need it.

We've covered a lot of topics, and it's great today to highlight Google's new Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide.

Boise Web Design and Development - Highly Recommended

We had a great contact form submission today. Have a read:

My company is in need of a new website. Can we set up a meeting with you to discuss options, prices, and how to get started? I have researched quite a few website companies and you come highly recommended!


What a great message from our website, and an even better message from our customers.

SEO Companies in Boise

There are some good SEO companies in Boise, just do a quick google search for "SEO Boise" or "SEO Companies in Boise", and you'll find the top group.

We're familiar with several of them, although there are a few that stand out.

Web Design Boise - What distinguishes web designers from each other? Here's some...

Boise has no shortage of web designers. Do a quick google search for "web design boise", and you'll see page after page of web design company websites.

Nerdy Dragon, as you're probably aware, is a collaborative business. We've had the good fortune of working with many web designers in the treasure valley. We've taken over accounts from some, and have competed on bids for projects with many, and collaborated with some on projects when they were a good fit. There are some great companies, and some that are in a bit over their heads.

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