SEO Boise - Trust, Authority, and Conversion

To be an effective and credible Boise SEO Company, you must understand trust and authority as it pertains to SEO.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization is an evolving industry. Search engines strive to become better at interpreting content as a user, and SEO's strive to become better at communicating content to search engines.

What was previously page rank and meta tags, is now a list of topics and considerations surrounding maximizing the return on SEO investments. A major part of SEO considerations are now Trust and Authority.

The best website projects involve vision, technology, and relationships

In December, we received a referral from a local Drupal developer. They didn't have time to implement a website that was prepared, and asked us if we could.

We were pretty busy, however since the website concept had been defined very well, and the group behind the website was impressive, we agreed to take it on.

The works - Boise Web Design, Development & SEO behind HighCalGunAuctions.com

www.highcalgunauctions.com is a proud web design, development & SEO achievement of a collaborative endeavor. The client supplied the vision, the business expertise, and an active role in directing the project; Yellowbox Studio provided the initial design concept, and Nerdy Dragon delivered on the implementation.

The site represents a variety of complexities and capabilities. If you know about auctions and software development, you might appreciate the work that's gone into this project.

Boise Web Design - Dynamic Random Content

The most subtle web design change can mean the difference between a bounce and a conversion.

When designing websites, we look at the forest and the trees. What is the simple, clear message that will influence the visitor? What supplementary techniques can we use to further engage and entice?

One thing we like to do, is display a single element randomly from a set. For example, the tagline on our website, which appears below our logo, is a random selection from a set of taglines.

SEO Boise - Facebook Shares are the most powerful social signal in SEO

SEOMoz.org is great. They are scientists that research, analyze, and share their findings. They also develop great software for SEO. Most Boise SEO's keep tabs on SEO Moz, and some even tweet every article that get's posted there.

Most SEO's keep tabs on what is gong on at SEO Moz. Recently, a post was made on social signals used in search placement.


#devidaho Development meets Business with Opportunity keeping score

Develop Idaho was a great event! There's a lot of excitement around entrepreneurship, technology, relationships, and doing business in Idaho. The Idaho Technology Council put on a great event today, connecting talent with opportunity, and trying-to's to the have-done's.

Engineering with business minds, marketing with development, type a's and type b's, x's and o's. Ecosystems are about connecting people, and events like Develop Idaho help to do exactly that.

It was an excellent venue to identify, engage, and promote Idaho business and entrepreneurship.

iPhone Development Boise - Game On!

We are proud to be throwing our hat into the iPhone Development Arena. Due to popular demand for iPhone app development and a limited supply of iPhone app developers in Boise; we've teamed up with a large development outfit to collaborate on projects.

The iPhone platform and iOS has exploded in popularity. Sometimes a simple mobile css configuration on a website is enough, and other times a native iPhone app is needed. We'll help you to determine which method is best for you, and then will help to build and launch your app.

Web Design Boise - dmoz.org editor? Yes, we are.

dmoz.org is the most authoritative directory on the web, and a link from that directory to your website is one of the most influential single links there is.

We've applied several times to be included, and for some reason - we weren't. After all, it's an open directory and relies on volunteers to review and include the requests to be included.

Either there was no-one to review our links, they were too busy, or they just didn't want us in there.



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