How to start a business - Nerdy Dragon style

Ok, so this isn't the best way to start/run a business, however we've compiled a list of some of the key factors involved in our success:

  1. Work for an employer that gets a few months behind on payroll, right before you start your company
  2. Open in a city where you don't know many people
  3. Venture into a business that you don't yet have a portfolio in
  4. Select a business with low overhead - and lots of competition

Drupal provides a variety of ways to solve common web challenges

Web designers, developers, copywriters, editors, small business owners, entrepreneurs, students, and professionals who are responsible for developing, organizing, and publishing content on the web love drupal.

A lot of people do, because it's powerful, available for free, has over 7000 modules available to enhance and customize it to most of the work required for an enormous number of web ventures.

It's not a system that handles everything for you.

It's a system that provides you and your web engineers a powerful and flexible toolkit to build applications from.

Boise SEO - How to Write SEO Friendly Blog Posts

Writing an SEO friendly blog post begins with a good plan. Here’s our basic formula:

Keywords + Topic + Creativity

First, we select which keyword/keyphrase we’d like to target. Think of the search terms that users use to find your website. For example, SEO Boise, SEO Companies in Boise, etc. Ideally, we’ll target just a single keyphrase in a post.

SEO Boise - Trust, Authority, and Conversion

To be an effective and credible Boise SEO Company, you must understand trust and authority as it pertains to SEO.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization is an evolving industry. Search engines strive to become better at interpreting content as a user, and SEO's strive to become better at communicating content to search engines.

Boise SEO - The nerd of the link - destination, anchor text, title, and business justification

First Question: "Are you marketing, or are you just promoting?"

Marketing requires research, analysis, innovation, and understanding behind the decisions and actions you make when promoting.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization is often simply used as a promotion exercise; this is the case when proper attention isn't paid to keyword selection.

Marketing question: "How do I get more customers on the web?"
Promotion question: "How do I get more traffic to my website?"

drupal 7 - web server/hosting note related to aggreate and compress files setting

After all the hard work put into designing and developing a site, the final launch to the production hosting environment can get exciting. There are a variety of web server's out there - most common one being apache, however don't discount IIS, lighthttpd, and others.

We ran into a situation on Network Solutions, where the Aggregate and Compress Javascript and CSS files settings were not working..actually, they were causing all sorts of issues.

Turns out it's a simple .htaccess solution:

Comment out the following:

writing code today isn't quite like it used to be...

Some handy resources out there for software development, and google will get you in touch with them...I've never coded on puchcards, or relied on books for helping me code on projects, however I would like to appreciate those circumstances.

I usually manage projects, clients, and focus my time and energy on business development tasks. It wasn't that long ago, that I actually had to, every day. That was a great time, and an important part of the progression of Nerdy Dragon.

While neededing to spend a day coding yesterday, I took advantage of some great resources:

Clear Facebook Cache - Post and Share --developers tip

Sharing facebook content seems easy, and for the most part it is. If you're developing a web asset that is going to be shared on facebook, you want to take advantage of the open graph - and insert facebook open graph meta tags on your page, so you can specify the proper title, thumbnail, url, description, etc: - which is used when sharing url via facebook.

mon and tues of craziness, love the challenges presented by solid growth

when you're busy, and you're meeting with the bigs, then you've got a double edged sword of customer relations. On one hand, you have to be totally accessible to everyone, and on the other, you have to be solely focused on the time and attention you pay to your current commitments.

We've had an amazing week. It's hard to believe the good fortunes and opportunities that we're a part of. Not to bore you, but here goes a quick recap of the start of this week:


some dynamics behind a solid venture agreement conversation #startup #entrepreneurship #software

Had some fun meeting with a company, who started as a client, and have evolved into a more collaborative and entrepreneurial venture.

The notes I took from the conversation that led us to an agreement in principle, are what you see. We love this stuff.

The product is a communications app, involving the cloud and pure awesomeness.

Stay tuned.

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