So, we get a phone call...

"I'm a dog breeder, and I need a website. 4 pages, 2 contact forms, SEO, and all that stuff. What does that cost?"

I went on to explain our "Enterprise Website", with the Drupal Content Management System, where we'd provide a custom designed theme tailored to his liking. Additionally, he'd be able to easily add/edit text, images, etc. This runs $495, and he'd need to add second form which would be an additional cost, depending upon his requirements.

He says: "Is that per year?"

SEO Boise - People search for what you offer, where are you?

SEO Boise - as in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - first, some background:

You're in business, using the web to find and engage an audience. As part of a successful web presence, your site should be visible, clearly communicate what you do, and engage people to learn more, do business, or contact you.

A case for agile, sprint-based software development

It's often that we see the big picture of what we want, and not recognize the myriad of hurdles that stand before us on the path there.

In software, "Scope Creep" is the term that developers use; to others, we call it enhancement. Both are correct, we just require some vocabulary alignment and/or translation.

If it's to the benefit of the project, then it is a welcome change. "Benefit" is used loosely here. We certainly don't want to lose development velocity/momentum, however we balance that with the value of the change desired.

Web Development Boise - delivering operational integrity and marketing prowess

The web has transformed...itself, technology, business, behavior, and how we think. In Boise, web development options are increasing, albeit with varying degrees of quality and expertise.

We've taken over many accounts for various reasons; generally they fall into one of the following categories:



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