Nerdy Dragon - Software Development, Web Design, SEO, Hosting, and Project Collaboration

What is Nerdy Dragon?

Nerdy Dragon is a collaborative organization that designs and builds things - providing innovation via web, mobile, and social software, and web infrastructure.

We work with the clients, partners, ambitious freelancers, established agencies, and others to align our strengths in collaborative pursuits. Whether it's a customer portal for a 30 year old company or an entrepreneurial new social software startup; we enjoy a good challenge and working together to implement world class solutions.

We're an engineering firm developing solutions that leverage the power of the web. We help with things from showcasing brands with great web design, to engaging prospects, interacting with clients/vendors/employees via custom software, to e-commerce, custom applications, and integration with other systems.

We generally use PHP, MySQL, Drupal, jQuery, Javascript, Linux/Unix and prefer working with open source solutions; however we support a wide range of technologies and platforms and continually add new technologies to our repertoire.

Why "Nerdy Dragon"?

Well, it's a good name. It is easy to remember, and hopes to take advantage of the positive humor and symbolism behind both nerds and dragons. After all, we enjoy what we do...and smile while we do it.

Jason Dodd - Nerdy Dragon

Chief Nerdy Officer: Jason Dodd (


Jason has wide ranging experience across many businesses and industries in a variety of capacities. From self-employment to employment in the public and private sectors; as an employee, supervisor, manager, as a contractor, and as a partner, Jason has assisted many entities in the pursuit of their specialties; innovating, collaborating, directing, and executing.



Chief Technology Officer: Tyler Canning

Tyler has worked in many technological fields including UNIX administration, software development, and help desk support for the world's second largest network. His professional experience more recently includes configuration management duties and the ground-up development of a complete integrated build environment. A strong mathematics background during college combined with his real-world computer science experience builds a formidable technological foundation with which Tyler has gained the ability to choose the proper tools to reach the proper solution.


Jon Coffield

Code Nerd Extraordinaire: Jon Coffield

Jon has seen it all. From mom and pop shops, to the Fortune 500 and everything in between. With a passion for front end code (JavaScript, Flash, CSS, HTML) and a never ending drive to push the envelope. Jon has proven himself as a great asset to the Nerdy Dragon team. Using real world on the ground experience, Jon has helped today's companies become unique and find their success in the online arena.


Jeremy Zerr

Drupal Engineer: Jeremy Zerr - Zerrtech

Jeremy Zerr has been in the field of software development for many years, creating solutions for the semiconductor industry, the healthcare industry, and many small businesses looking to establish themselves on the web. His passions include creating web applications and other software using open source technology, including CMS platforms Drupal and Wordpress, frontend javascript frameworks YUI and jQuery, and many more.


Chuck Chiu

Advisor: Chuck Chiu

Chuck Chiu is the director of corporate and warehouse systems at an e-tailer, responsible for the corporate information technology strategy and all of the company's warehouse systems. This includes technology infrastructure, corporate data center and telecommunication networks.

Previously, Chuck held several positions as director of technology operations with an e-commerce start-up and as the head of enterprise operations for an direct internet bank. He was responsible for managing all company's global IT infrastructure, which included the backbone of its extensive Internet and web-based capabilities. Prior to that, Chuck spent 10 years at a biopharmaceutical company, where he held a variety of technical and management positions and helped the company acquire and consolidate several software companies and consulting organizations.